Yaw Mamphey Yaw Mamphey

Marketing Manager of Accra City Hotel, Yaw Mamphey talks navigating through Covid-19 and remaining relevant to Ghana’s Hospitality Industry

Jun 09, 2021

My conversation today is an insight with the Marketing Manager of Ghana’s Accra city Yaw Mamphey. He beliefs the pandemic has offered the hospitality sector an opportunity to build a sustainable market with the domestic market as its main pillar.

Yaw has over 10 years experience as a Top–Performing hospitality and guest-oriented professional, steering business development, operational efficiencies and strategic sales and marketing initiatives for hotels and resort properties. He had always provided leadership for the teams he works with. Execute a “clear vision and voice” to align with high ethical standards and cultures of discipline that value integrity and transparency in the core business.

He played a key role in sales & marketing in leading countryside and city hotel properties to unprecedented market share, revenue and profit. Increased revenue within the first year at the Accra City Hotel property. Developed a high-performing team that led Accra City Hotel to the highest market share and profit in last few years of operation. This helped in aiding the hotel to earn 20 Awards & Accolades for Excellence in the first 2 years of assignment at Accra City Hotel. Yaw in the course of his career been bestowed with the awards below

  • “Most Admired Hospitality Professional” 2020 – Hospitality Awards Ghana
  • “Best Marketing Director - Africa” 2019 - Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards
  • “Most Admired Sales & Marketing Director” 2019 - Hospitality Awards Ghana
  • “Excellence in Marketing Management” 2018 – The Bizz Awards


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