UK’s COVID-19 death toll reaches 11,000

Apr 13, 2020

The British Defence Ministry said Monday it would deploy 200 military personnel in support of ambulance services after the country’s coronavirus death toll increased to 11,329.
The figure, according to health authorities, was a rise by 717 compared to the previous day.
The ministry said the soldiers would carry out a variety of roles including driving vehicles, taking calls, manning response centres and supporting paramedic crews.
The interim chief medical officer, Jason Leitch, urged families of those who have died during the outbreak not to delay funerals, in a bid to stop a backlog.
Excluding Northern Ireland, 88,621 people have tested positive for the coronavirus in Britain as of Monday morning.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested negative for COVID-19, his spokesman said on Monday.
The test on leaving the hospital, according to the spokesman, was standard medical practice.

The prime minister left the hospital on Sunday evening after he recovered from the disease.
He spent a week in hospital including several days in intensive care after contracting the virus, and said he owed his life to the medical staff who treated him while in hospital.

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