Nov 13, 2019

Today is Wednesday; four days to the closing ceremony of UTANG UNITY CUP 2019 with the theme: FOR I BELIEVE, and that signals our official take off point for the winding down processes.

Accordingly, we are poised to serve you with the stats that have made the rounds already and are thickening the built of the tournament.

Fifteen goals have been produced by fifteen different scorers in at least eleven matches played so far; averaging 1.4 goals per game.

We have seen some slalom runs and some searching passes.

We have seen some crunchy tackles and some malicious challenges.

We have seen some epic aerial duels and some brilliant saves.

We have seen some sensational goals and we have seen some comical misses.

We have seen many glancing header and a lot of brilliant footwork

And with the semifinals still to come, we know we will see more because UTANG UNITY CUP is in the city.

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