Saudi activist in Israel attacked by Palestinians at Temple Mount

Jul 23, 2019
Mohammed Saud, a media activist from Saudi Arabia was attacked by Palestinians while visiting the Temple Mount, or Noble Sanctuary, in Jerusalem on Tuesday.
The man was visiting Israel as part of a delegation of six Arab journalists and media activists, hosted by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association on Monday condemned the group for normalizing relations with Israel.
Videos posted to social media and on Al Jazeera show the Saudi activist being harassed, cursed at and spat on during his visit to the holy site in Jerusalem.
People also threw chairs at him in the Old City market.
The Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary is the focal point of religious tensions in Jerusalem, holy to both Jews and Muslims.
In a video trending online, the people can be seen shouting at him in Arabic.
“Go pray in your Knesset (Israeli parliament) and not here,” “shame on you” and “Al Aqsa (mosque) does not receive people like you.”
Foreign ministry spokesman, Nizar Amer, in a statement condemned the action taken by the people.
“We strongly condemn the brutal and immoral behaviour by some Palestinians near al Aqsa Mosque towards the Saudi media activist who came to Jerusalem to be a bridge to peace and understanding between peoples.”
“Those (people) are horribly exploiting the holy places as a political tool. We embrace the young man who was and will remain a guest of honour in Israel,” he added.
Israel has no diplomatic relations with Iraq or Saudi Arabia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that behind the scenes there is a growing rapprochement between Israel and several Arab states.
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