Twitter's profile preview test makes it easier to spot creeps

Feb 14, 2019

Twitter might just make it a little easier to silence unwanted attention from strangers -- or to forge a new friendship. It's testing profile previews in its iOS app that show more about a user without taking you away from your timeline.

If you're included in the test, tapping on a user's @ handle in a tweet will show a card with their basic details and give you an option to follow or mute them. You can either return to your usual browsing or view their full profile if you need more details.

The company's safety team elaborated on just why it's experimenting with these previews: they make it that much easier to figure out who's involved with an account. You may have a better sense of who's a bot or creep and deal with them accordingly. This could add an extra step to viewing full profiles, but it could also encourage more people to check profiles before they respond to unfamiliar people.


Source: Twitter

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