Monday, 03 February 2020

British independent oil and gas firm, Savannah Petroleum PLC, has announced that Accugas, its recently acquired asset, has entered into a new Interruptible Gas Sales Agreement (IGSA) with First Independent Power Limited (FIPL) in respect of the provision of gas sales to the FIPL Afam power plant.

FIPL is an affiliate company of Sahara Group, a leading international energy and infrastructure conglomerate with operations in over 42 countries across Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Afam has a current power generation capacity of 180MW. The FIPL IGSA envisages the supply of gas (produced by Uquo, with a maximum daily nominated quantity of 35 mmscfd or approximately 5.8 mmboed) by Accugas to FIPL Afam in order to augment its existing gas supply on an interruptible basis for an initial term of one year with the ability to extend upon mutual agreement.

Securing an additional gas supplier to the Afam plant will enable FIPL to further its vision of being a stable power generation facility contributing to the national grid.

Accugas currently sells to three customers, Calabar Nigerian National Integrated Power Plant, National Integrated Power Project (a Niger Delta Power Holding Company-owned power station), the Mfamosing Cement Plant (located in Cross River State, owned by Lafarge Africa Plc) and Ibom Power (a power station owned by Akwa Ibom State), for an aggregate maintenance-adjusted 2020 take or pay volume of 141.4 mmscfd.

The commercial terms of the FIPL IGSA are expected to augment the weighted average profitability of the Accugas portfolio while Accugas’ sales volumes, revenues and cash flows are expected to increase with no incremental capital expenditure.

Andrew Knott, CEO Savannah Petroleum said “I am delighted to announce the IGSA with FIPL, representing the first new gas sales agreement that the Accugas business has signed in over five years, and we look forward to partnering with the Sahara Group, who have notable experience with energy and infrastructure projects in Africa. We are confident that this will be the first of several new gas sales agreements signed over the course of 2020 and, through Accugas, we aim to be seen as the gas supplier of choice to the power sector in Nigeria.”

Kola Adesina, Group Managing Director Sahara Power Group, on its part, said “we are delighted to be working with Accugas on this project. It is another demonstration of our commitment to bringing energy to life by facilitating economic activities through our power business. We remain resolute in our vision to enhance access to sustainable energy in Nigeria and ultimately, across Africa.”

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Monday, 03 February 2020 10:47

Neymar booked for attempting rainbow flick

Neymar blasted referee Jerome Brisard for booking him over his sensational showboating in Paris Saint-Germain’s 5-0 thrashing of Montpellier.

PSG were leading 1-0 at the time and the 27-year-old Brazilian superstar decided to pull out a moment of magic against two Montpellier players.

Neymar received the ball from a throw-in and was closed down by two players near the corner flag.

The PSG forward attempted to pull off a rainbow flick over the head of one of the players, only for the ball to bounce out of play from the rebound.

Neymar continued his showboating when he dummied a long-ball pass at left-back, only to produce a faint.

And the former Barcelona star also brutally destroyed Teji Savanier when he dribbled past him after the Montpellier player’s initial foul.

The referee was unhappy with Neymar’s antics on the pitch and warned the Brazilian not long after his rainbow flick.

However, Brisard then proceeded to book Neymar for unsporting behaviour.

Tensions flared in the tunnel at half-time as the Brazil international vented his frustrations towards PSG teammate Marco Verratti.

“I play football and he shows me a yellow card! Tell him he can’t give me a yellow,” Neymar told his teammate.

Sport Bible reported that Brisard responded to Neymar by saying, “Be patient.”

But the referee’s comments only angered the Brazilian forward, who responded: “Be patient… My a**e.”

Furious fans have also flocked to social media and slammed the referee’s decision to book Neymar for showboating.

Neymar continued to show his frustration off the pitch as he hit back at Brisard on his Instagram page.

He wrote in a message to his 132m followers: “I just play football.”

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