This is SA’s first dagga beer - now available for R18 a bottle at Spar

Oct 06, 2018
Durban Poison Cannabis Lager - South Africa’s first dagga-infused beer - launched in the country in September.
It costs only R18 for a 350 ml bottle and is available at selected Tops at Spar liquor stores in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, Graeme Bird, co-founder of Poison City brewing, said. Cape Town will get the beers early next week
“It’s a light-bodied, easy-drinking beer perfect for hot weather or chilling next to the beach,” Bird told Business Insider South Africa.
The 4% alcohol beer doesn't contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of dagga, but uses hemp oils to give the beer its distinctive taste.  
Hemp is a less psychoactive dagga strain.
“It will, however, make you happy with its unique crisp flavour and easy-drinking vibes,” Bird said.
Durban Poison Cannabis Lager was released on September 17 - a day before the South African constitutional court legalised dagga consumption in South Africa.
“People said we had an in with the chief justice,” Bird said jokingly.
He, however, clarified the use of hemp in production was legal in South Africa before the constitutional ruling.
The beer is named after Durban Poison, a popular dagga strain. 
There has been a global trend for dagga-infused beer with both Heineken and Molson Coors recently announcing that they’ll be releasing dagga-infused beer in the near future. 
Poison City brewing, backed by RCL Foods CEO Miles Dally and Spar CEO Graham O’Connor, was founded in 2015.
Other than Durban Poison, the company also produces The Bird, a lager, and The Punk Rocker, an ale.
Bird said they specifically positioned the beer to be accessible to the larger South African public.
“South Africans have an appetite (for) craft beers and this lager is developed specifically for that easy-drinking market,” he said.  
Source: News24
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