Tanzania Imports 2,000 Tonnes of Mackerel Fish From China

Jan 08, 2018

The continent of Africa is rich in natural resources and boasts of a wide variety that makes it an intriguing place to invest and look into for business opportunities. Wildlife and tourism have played a major part in inviting a number of entrepreneurs and tourists to the mass of land, bringing revenue to the countries visited.

There has been a concern over the years, however, with illegal activities coming into play. Issues such as poaching have hampered tourism in Africa but government bodies are looking into the matter to ensure there is safety for the animals and that poaching is discouraged for the benefit of the country affected.

There have been cases of illegal fishing as well that has surfaced on the water bodies. East African country Tanzania has been the latest state to address the issue. The sub-Saharan country has raised the awareness as it continues to look sharp in the fishing industry but few cases yet to be looked into hamper it from taking its fishing market to the next level.

The state realized a drastic decline of fish stocks in the Indian Ocean, its mass water body. The awareness has been courtesy of a rise in illegal fishing, which now seems to be a serious issue that endangers its economy.

The use of dynamite in the deep sea fishing has been catalyzed with the users being mostly pirates. According to the reports filed, the illegal fishing by the pirates has accounted for most of the loss of endangered species that has dragged down the fish stocks.

It is estimated that fish catches declined to at least 360,000 tonnes in 2016 from an average 390,000 tonnes over the past four years. Tanzania's total demand is 730,000 tonnes of fish per year.

With this on the surface, it is believed that the local companies of the state have settled for imported fish from China. Reports suggest that 2,000 tonnes of mackerel fish enter the African country monthly from the Asian country.


Credit: The Exchange

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